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Strategies for Sustainable Impact

A one-stop shop for the capacity constrained organization looking to scale their sustainability and social impact objectives through data-driven strategies, effective communications, and impactful partnerships.

Working with start-ups, non-profits, social enterprises, and companies to apply our approach is data-driven, inclusive and collaborative, resulting in effective solutions that are operationally sound, creating measurable change at scale.

Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation

  • Logic model and theory of change development

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement

  • SWOT analyses 

  • OKRs and KPIs development

  • Roadmapping

Communications & Marketing

  • Communications planning

  • Internal, executive, and external communications

  • Content strategy and thought leadership development 

  • Cause marketing and campaign development

  • Digital marketing

  • Non-financial impact reporting

  • Value propositions and messaging frameworks

  • Event strategy, content, speaker management, logistics

Partnership Development

  • Corporate engagement strategy

  • Partnership program creation

  • Partnership prospecting

  • Shared value partnership design

  • Pitch deck creation

Available on fractional/interim, retainer or project basis. Reach out for a quote.


Thomas Poelmans
Co-Founder & CEO, Hydrobox

"When I realized we were in real trouble because we had completely neglected MarCom, there was one person whom I knew could help us out. I can't thank you enough for this. You have helped us turn the tables in a dire situation. you are a person with formidable talents and I feel very grateful you are part of our team now."

Justine Monahan,
Harper's Playground

"Our collaboration enabled our organization to synthesize its vision, mission and strategic direction for the next 6 years. All the ideas were "on the table." Humanista Projects helped us tremendously in preparing, cooking and delivering a 5-star meal! ​Barbara is outstanding and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her subject matter expertise is second to none. Both her critical and creative thinking is superb and her ability to synthesize information in a short period of time is masterful."

Inge Knapen, MSC CSR,
Program Manager Sustainability

"Barbara has a great personality, is results driven and was always finding and cultivating opportunities to increase our impact. Her creative mind enabled a constant flow of impactful storytelling that improved our communications, strategic partnership relations and marketing. She was a valuable asset in growing the business."

Barbara Toorens_edited.png

About Barbara Toorens

From the narrow corridors of the informal electronics markets in Africa to the conference rooms of corporate CSR and ESG, Barbara has navigated the crossroads of business performance, environmental sustainability, and social impact within the technology sector for over 15 years growing impact towards the SDGs while increasing brand value for Fortune 500s.

Committed to shaping sustainable change at scale, she draws inspiration from the dynamic worlds of communications, strategy, marketing, sales, partnerships, and data analytics to integrate CSR and ESG into core business priorities that:

• Drive engagement through compelling communications, data-driven storytelling, and targeted outreach.
• Improve program performance through OKR/KPI management, human-centered design and opportunity analysis.
• Develop award-winning shared value partnerships that enhance impact and brand.

Diverse clients and partners have included: Microsoft, European Union, United Nations, Arrow Electronics, Close the Gap, Harper’s Playground, and associated partners. She holds a Master’s in Cross-Cultural & Sustainable Business Management and a certification in ISSB’s Sustainable Accounting Standards (SASB).

Thanks for reaching out, we'll be in touch soon!

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